You Ready to Pitch?



Fortitude Valley


Sept 28, 2016


Open to All

Max Size

100 Entreprenuers


Darren Rogan
MC at Bragger
This is the house cleaning section of the event. Where we will go through how the event will run, safety announcements and thank sponsors etc. It is time to grab a pitch idea from the pitch roulette and refreshing beer.
Startup Pitching
Local Entreprenuers
This is the standard 3 minute pitch (minus the feedback). Most people will already have Slides but they are optional. We have teams from RCL Accelerator and iLab Accelerator etc and other Local Entreprenuers pitching their Startups, who will be the People's Choice?
Food and Beer Time
Tasty Bites
Time to grab a bite to eat and maybe some more dutch courage.
Individual Pitch
We will do 1 minute speed pitching with random pitches (selected for you). We practice the real skill of pitching in front of a crowd. This is a no fail room, cut loose have have some fun.
Bragger Attendees
Time to rejoice in actually Pitching and network with fellow Enterpreneurs

Event Price list

Starting at
  • You Must Pitch
  • Pitch Roulette
Starting at
  • You Must Pitch
  • Pitch Off
Starting at
  • You Must Tweet
  • And be nice!
  • Branding
  • Offers


By all means you are welcome to pitch your idea during the 1 mintue pitching. If you want to do the Startup Pitch Off please contact us.
No! We don't do NDAs, get your idea out there! Everyone has their own baby. This is a Public Event just don't tell us your secret sauce.
We have random startup ideas, these idea's can be real, realistic, funny or absurd. You grab a random idea and pitch it.
It's fun to pitch ideas but we are emotionally attached to our idea. So lets sidestep that with random idea to focus on the pitching.
This is for Established Startups, we have pitching from local startups. We will have a People's Choice.
We have limited space but yeah! We want people to come and pitch, this is not a passive event.

Practice makes Perfect

Contact Us

This event was born out of repeat conversations; where can we practice Pitching in a fun and enjoyable way.

Primarily it should be fun. We will be practising some really important skills in a safe place, please come join us.

We are here for you!

We've done it, we know that bufferfly feeling. It is something that you get better at with practice, let's improve together.